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We were very proud to be recognized as one of Toronto`s lead vocal and piano boutique studio for over 26 years. Further, violin, guitar & theoretical classes were also readily available at our prestigious music learning center (the York Region Conservatory of Music).

Victoria`s students have won countless competitions across the Greater Toronto area, winning scholarships in the thousands & numerous other trophies & awards. Many students have gone on to successful recording careers. One of her students placed as a finalist in Simon Cowell`s X-Factor—Greece 2009. Another held the lead role in Toronto`s musical theatre production of `Cinderella`--2009 (a hugely publicized musical show). The list goes on. If you truly had the opportunity to step into our prestigious boutique school, you would’ve have seen all these star embellished accomplishments on the towering lobby wall.

Further, Victoria is an experienced & recognized registered adjudicator of competitions—a member of the Canadian Festival Adjudicator`s Association (CMFAA). Aside from this, she has also been active with
the College of Examiners--Royal Conservatory of Music (aka the Carnegie Hall program in the US) since approximately 1990. Her major at 
the time was piano performance. Now she specializes & is equally reknown as a vocal instructor as well.

Each year for over 15 consecutive years, a special CD compilation entitled SUPERSTARs has been produced by Mrs. Hernandez. The CD release is marked by a very special gala entitled ``Evening with the Stars``. Proceeds from the gala & from the CD have benefited various charities in the past. Past recipients include: The Hospital for Sick Chidlren, The Humane Society, the Tsunami Disaster via Red Cross, the Katrina Fund via Red Cross & MercyCorps (to help the children victims of 911)...just to name a few. This not only gives back to the community but simultaneously gives students & local vocalists a performance & recording opportunity.  Most importantly, it gives singers an opportunity to share their talent while simultaneously giving them a sense of giving back to the community

he believes that there is truly more than simply the study of voice or an instrument. Victoria is a true believer in nurturing each aspiring vocalist and musician, guiding them to the realization of their vision as an artist. She has nurtured & developed successful recording careers for many of her students. Some have gone the path of opera while others towards the Broadway or Pop stage.

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